Welcome to The Grapplers Gift

Gifts designed for grapplers or people who care enough about them to buy for them, without all the extra delivery charges and worries of buying quality products!

I am a serving member of the military and I have been training in both a Gi and no-Gi BJJ for around 6 years, let me start by saying I’m no phenom! I am currently a purple belt and a member of the RAF’s BJJ team. I’m a normal bloke who works at least 5 days a week with some awkward hours but I love to train, usually anywhere between 2 and 4 times a week.

After just a few months of training it was pretty obvious that unless you train yourself you would never know what to buy someone who does. Lets face it there’s a lot of company’s out there and not all of them provide quality products.

This was how the idea of “The Grapplers Gift” came about. No matter the situation, we have a range of differently priced gifts for you or the people who care about you enough to buy for you! No hassle of putting everything together yourself, paying for individual delivery costs and worrying if you’ve bought quality products!

Our aim is to provide high quality grappling related products from clothing, hygiene, supplements, nutrition and general grappling accessories. We will be featuring mainly U.K based brands, designers, artists, company’s and distributors! We believe in the growth of the sport within the U.K and through supporting U.K based suppliers we believe we can help to do that.

If your worried about us running out of different gifts for you, don’t! We plan to add additional gifts and change things up at regular intervals!

As always any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, if you have a favourite company, brand or individual item you would like to see in one of our gifts just let us know!

Photo courtesy of Meerkatsu